Varumaiyin Niram Sivappu - Kamal Haasan, Sridevi - Tamil Romantic Movie

  • Rangan (Kamal Haasan) has an M.A. in philosophy and is an idealist. His father, Sundaram Pillai (Poornam Viswanathan), is a famous carnatic singer. Rangan is an ardent fan of poet Subramaniam Bharati and tries to translate the teachings in his poems into his own daily life. The father and the son have no common ground between them. Following a confrontation, Rangan asserts to his father that he would find a job on his own terms without using his name. He leaves his Chennai home and goes to Delhi to find a job and a footing for himself. Brilliant that he is, he tries his hands at various jobs but has to quit each of them soon as he refuses to compromise on anything that is against his ideals. He meets Devi (Sridevi) who gets attracted to him due to his qualities. She works for a drama company to earn a living. Seeing him struggle through life - he has to go without food many a day - she agrees to marry her drama company owner, Pratap (Pratap Pothen), on the condition that Pratap would get Rangan a stable job. Rangan, however, misunderstands her noble intention and sacrifice. What happens next?
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