Aaram (1951) - Dev Anand - Madhubala - Romantic Movie Collection

  • Leela is a attractive girl who is loved by three men. The first one is a painter names Shyam. He stays with his friend Chamanlal. Meanwhile Leela meets Sita, who is a queen of a region, she invites her to her palace, introduces her to her son, Kumar, who instantly falls in love with her. When Leela indicates that she loves Shyam, Kumar and his mom conspire to be friendly with Shyam, help him put up his paintings in his very own art gallery, so as to win over Leela. Before Leela could make up her mind, she is abducted by her third lover, a hoodlum by the name of Bhagwan - who has no intentions whatsoever of releasing Leela for any amount of ransom, and wants to make her his at any cost.

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